Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School!

Time to go back to school!

How can we tell?

For K-12: frantic parents in school supply aisles at retailers, clogged roadways in school zones, and tax-free weekend.

For College students: busy bookstores, registration rush, busy phone lines, and nerves!

How do I cope with the madness? I bought my books on, registered online, sent emails to my professors, and tried to calm my nerves with breathing exercises. Minus the breathing exercises, I solved all of my problems on the Internet. If only I could figure out how to use Blackboard...

How do you cope?


Mr Green said...

Blackboard is still WAYYY better than the toss-up that Internet classes were before.
You might see a simple site with a tremendous amount of school work, or a complex site with only a little work to do comparatively.
Now, at least you can expect every assignment to be in the same assignment location, same for tests.

Sarah said...

This is my first online class and I am still trying to understand the concept of the 'virtual' classroom. I am accustomed to the 'old school' (so to speak).

The online class does give flexibility though. It fits well with a working student.

L0LA48 said...

I'd say the most challenging part of learning online is keeping up with the discussion threads. The Prof or section designer can alleviate some pressure if they organize topics by modules covered in the class and also maintain an onlien presence to keep the scholarly discussion on track - much like a blog monitor.

The second most challenging part is managing time and organizing the due dates with work-life and life-life -- the solution is different for everyone and the first online class is the best place to try different methods. The end result - you'll always remember the online class you cut your teeth in.

Best of luck! :)

Anonymous said...

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