Monday, July 21, 2008

Hurricane Season

Since moving to Texas, I have been introduced to the uneasy onset of hurricane season and obsessive remote control clicks to The Weather Channel. When I lived in California, the earthquakes came with little to no warning and we were left with a devastated community in a matter of minutes. The early detection of hurricanes saves lives and cues evacuations, but it also allows a period of anxious waiting and suspense. I moved to Texas during the summer of 2005 and was warmly greeted by two formidable gals: Katrina and Rita. Wow! Since then, I have kept a closer eye on the systems entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out the SciGuy if you have not read his blogs already. He works for the Houston Chronicle and writes very informed articles on projected hurricanes.

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Read the City of Houston Disaster Preparedness Guide and find out.

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