Monday, September 22, 2008


I hope everyone fared well with the storm and stayed safe. How did you do? Do you have power? If so, when was it restored?

I lost some oak trees and sections of fence. After my power was restored, I volunteered at a POD in The Woodlands. I loaded cars with ice, MREs, water, and hot meals. A good deal of the folks were dealing with no power and water, but some were unable to live in their homes due to damage. I am very proud of the people in this community. I have seen generosity, patience, sacrifice, and kindness from almost everyone I have come across.

In my community, businesses and schools are opening and grocery stores are stocking shelves. A little normalcy is definitely welcome. Checking email, cooking, and doing laundry are things I took for granted and I applaud their return.

At the same time, having a candlelit dinner with friends, enjoying conversation, and reading were wonderful ways to pass the time (when we weren't cleaning the yard). The activities made me realize that we all need to take a break from our hectic lives, enjoy simple things, and realize we are lucky to be alive.

Please feel free to send me stories and pictures of your experience.

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